Pin and Tonic was founded on the following company principles:


Unique Customer Experience:

From the Herbal Bar in the front of the house to follow up information about specific concerns, customers are given a health experience unlike any they have seen before.

Education about TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Health:

Pin & Tonic will offer regular customer information sessions about Chinese Medicine in general as well as seminars on specific issues such as fertility and back pain. Basic straightforward information is available at the herbal bar and on the products that we sell to our customers.


Pin & Tonic strives to take the mystery out of Chinese Medicine – a beautiful and well-established medical practice. To us, accessibility also means affordability because acupuncture works best when patients can afford to have regular treatments.


Pin & Tonic is focusing on making all of Traditional Chinese Medicine accessible to more people. At Pin & Tonic we provide not only high-quality acupuncture care, but also high quality affordable Chinese herbal formulas made specifically for the individual. Pin & Tonic also provides free classes for patients to get healthy and stay healthy.